What’s a Blizzcon?


If you follow me on Twitter or are one of my Facebook friends then chances then you may notice a change in my regular update pattern.  My updates will become more frequent and they will be filled with talk about orcs, raids, Cataclysm, loot, Diablo, geeks, AIE, and many more things that some of you will get and many won’t.

I am flying out to the Anaheim Convention Center on Thursday for Blizzcon.  This is a conference put on by Blizzard Entertainment that makes the video games Diablo, Starcraft, and my personal crack, World of Warcraft.  Over 15,000 geeks (and I use that term with love and with accuracy) will gather for several days of demonstrations, panels, contests, exhibitions, and general nerdery.

For those who have no clue or interest in any of this, I give you fair warning that this will dominate my social networking through Monday.  But I make no apologies.  I have to listen to updates about the Bachelorette, baseball, and why I really should still be reading John Calvin.  So you get to listen to me as I talk about the Protos, tier 11 gear, and why Tauren would make excellent paladins!

For the Horde!