Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

The first time my wife and I ate Ethiopian food was at The Blue Nile a restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In Houston, we ate occasionally at another Ethiopian restaurant called The Blue Nile. Now that we are in Florida we can drive over to Orlando to eat at The Nile (maybe the Nile isn’t Blue this far south).

I liked Ethiopian food the first time I tried it, and over time have really come to love the taste as well as the experience. My wife and I are really looking forward to getting even more authentic Ethiopian food when we travel there soon to meet our daughter.

Here is a video I found today on Youtube about our local restaurant and about eating Ethiopian food.

Leon and Shawn’s Unnamed Podcast

Leon Bloder and I are working on a new podcast.  Each episode we plan to take a look at where Christianity is making the news or appearing in pop culture.  We’ll be discussing what messages and images of Christians are out there for people to see.  In this pilot episode we’ll be discussing the public faith of athletes including Tim Tiebow, Drew Brees, and Chad Hendrick (see videos below).

Download our pilot episode here or listen below, and then tell us what you think!