Leon and Shawn’s Unnamed Podcast

Leon Bloder and I are working on a new podcast.  Each episode we plan to take a look at where Christianity is making the news or appearing in pop culture.  We’ll be discussing what messages and images of Christians are out there for people to see.  In this pilot episode we’ll be discussing the public faith of athletes including Tim Tiebow, Drew Brees, and Chad Hendrick (see videos below).

Download our pilot episode here or listen below, and then tell us what you think!

4 thoughts on “Leon and Shawn’s Unnamed Podcast

  1. I really enjoyed the first episode and look forward to many more! I appreciated the emphasis throughout on “translating Christianese,” and also on how your discussion led from all the specific news items to the larger theme of “telling our story.” Good work, and some very helpful thoughts.Re: the Tebow ad — I thought this editorial from The Washington Post made some good points; namely, it’s a shame that, even before the ad aired, so many moderate, liberal, and progressive Christians opposed it, thus painting themselves into the corner of appearing “pro-abortion.” Of course, they’re not; but their vehement objections to this ad’s mere presence on the air did them a disservice. After all, it’s hard to argue that God would be opposed to reducing the number of abortions (at the least!). — http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/02/01/AR20100201020…>

  2. Yes, there will be more and yes it’ll be on ITunes. We are working on both of these right now. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Hi Shawn,I really enjoyed the show, thanks to you and Leon for putting it out there. I especially like the discussion about what the Christian’s job is meant to be (to recruit, or be an example by deed). I have an odd relationship with religion in general, and although I’m very interested in discussing and listening to ideas about religion, all too often its a polar discussion devolving into who is right and who is wrong. You guys seem to be people who can discuss these things from a believer’s perspective, without leaving reason at the door.Looking forward to more shows!

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