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We have been in process to adopt a girl from Ethiopia since mid-2008.  We have now received word that we have been matched with a three and a half year old girl, and that we can expect to travel to Ethiopia to meet her and bring her here in about 5-6 months.  We are obviously overjoyed to be at this point in the process.  After this long wait, we now have her name, a couple pictures and some other information about her.  It is really exciting to think that she will be with us by the end of the summer!  While at the same time, we are sad for her and the circumstances in her life that have led to her being in need of adoption.

I’ll be posting more about my thoughts and feelings during this time, as well as information and details about our upcoming trip.  But I won’t be posting much about B., including her name or photos.  Partially because I don’t like to share personal details of any of my family in a public forum like this, but also because the Ethiopian government has requested that any personal or detailed information about children in the process of adoption not be shared publicly.  This is mainly to protect the integrity of the adoption process, and the rights of the child.

At some point after she is here with us, I will certainly post her photo because she is beautiful!  In the meantime, I hope you will send prayers and good thoughts our way as well as to a little girl in Ethiopia.

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  1. Congratulations, and bless all of you. As imperfect as this solution is, it’s still wonderful that you can give this little girl a chance to have a decent life.Fingers crossed for the next few months.

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